Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Holistic Living, Holistic Birth


Living holistically is just that; it is my essence. It is not a hobby, it is not only some of the time. It is truly my life. I understand the body to be whole. That symptoms are signs of larger imbalances, not isolated incidents to be managed with medicine. I know that true medicine comes from nutrient dense food, herbs that the Earth provides, stress management, exercise, fresh air, & sleep. This is the truth that I live by. This is the truth I embody for my family. This has been our way of life for almost a decade now. 

I know that the body was built to do amazing things. I know that the body is smart and capable. I know that the body wants to heal. But I also know that the body has to be provided with the right things to be able to perform as it should. This is how I approach the care I provide for myself, my family, and my clients. 

Holistic living led me to doula work. It fine tuned my practice. And has helped me support my clients in the best way that I know how. You need not be like minded to benefit from my care, just trust that I trust your body enough to know how best to birth your baby. 

My holistic approach to birth consists of the following:

1. Trusting that the mother knows best ALWAYS! She knows what care is safest for her baby. She knows how to move in labor. She knows what to do when handling her baby right after birth. She knows the best decisions to make regarding rearing her children. We, as a birth team, have to trust this and encourage it.

2. Babies want to be in optimal position for birth. Babies use the room they are given. They are smart & know the best way. Mothers have the capacity to do simple exercises & receive outside help to prepare their bodies for birth & encourage baby to get into optimal position. Modern day life is not very conducive to pregnancy, natural movement that includes lots of squatting & walking is pretty nonexistent for most in Western cultures. This is where Spinning Babies, Webster certified chiropractic care, women's health physical therapy, prenatal yoga, & prenatal massage come in.  Gentle & intentional movement as well as stress management and body work help prime mother & baby for the healthiest & safest birth for both. 

3. God provides so much medicine straight from the Earth. Food is the first medicine; good nutrient dense, whole food. Herbs are the next line of defense. When working with a trained herbalist and/or a functional medicine doctor, you can find safe & effective means to deal with many common pregnancy ailments. Your body wants to be healthy & vibrant. While many things are now common in pregnancy, it does not make them normal. 

4. Birth is normal, until it is not. Your body was designed to grow a baby and to birth them. The process of birth is very intentional, each piece works in harmony. We need to honor each part of labor for what it is. Many times humans feel we need to change the process, that it will fail unless we make it quicker and stronger. But there is space to honor how your body is working. Many times the solution to what ails us during birth is more time, more patience, more privacy, and more trust in the process. Our bodies give us the birth that we and our babies need. If this requires more intervention for either mom or baby's safety, many times a mother will intuitively know things need to change. They just need the space, respect, time, & information to make a truly informed decision. 

It is my hope that my unique lifestyle & approach to birth help my clients be more confident heading into parenthood. That they understand all options that exist to ensure they receive the healthiest & safest care during their pregnancy, birth, and beyond. And that they know the value of listening to their bodies & their intuition.