Birth & Postpartum Resources


A large part of what I provide as a doula is helping my clients find the absolute best resources in the area. Just like raising a child takes a village, it takes a village to support a new mama. These resources are tried and true. They are all ones I have personally used myself, people I truly know, and ones that have helped my clients time and time again. To me anyone who works with mamas and new babies needs to be flexible. These resources have gone above and beyond for my clients. 

Webster Certified Chiropractors (Provides Services for Pregnant Mamas, Postpartum Needs, and Newborns & Pediatrics)

1st Step Family Wellness

Keough Chiropractic

St. Louis Family Chiropractic

Brooks Chiropractic Wellness

Gateways Chiropractic

Crossroads Family Chiropractic

Stratton Chiropractic

Dr. Cypress Garrett

Fishel Chiropractic

Women's Health Physical Therapists

Tina Patti at Springer Physical Therapy

Legacy Physical Therapy

Brooke Brody at Mercy Therapy Services


Dr. Cypress Garrett 

Lori Chapman Unrau

Community Acupuncture

Childbirth Education Classes

Naturally Prepared for Birth with Samanda Rossi

Birthworks with Sarah Baker

Rachel Mans

Hypnobirthing with Becky Gerson

Herbal Products Formulated for Pregnancy, Nursing, & Postpartum

Forest & Meadow

Mayan Abdominal Therapy

Amanda Jokerst

Lindsey Chel

Prenatal Massage

STL Prenatal Massage

Placenta Encapsulation

St. Louis Placenta Lady (Lisa VanDyne)

Purple Lotus Doulas

Tiffany Muniz

Prenatal Yoga

Urban Breath

Birth Photography

Honey & the Bee Photography

Dana Jacobs Photography

Fresh Pine Photography

New Moon Birth Photography

Lactation Resources

Oral Infinity (Nicole Edwin IBCLC, Rachel Koester CLC)

Be By Baby (Danielle Croce IBCLC)

Sweetest Nectar (Candice Ward, IBCLC)

Jen York IBCLC

Tongue/Lip Tie Revision

Cardinal Dental

Little Flower Family Medicine

Postpartum Doulas

Kilah Lawson

Melissa Samaki

Candice Ward

Britni Sisco

Certified Professional Midwives Offering Homebirths

Allison Dougherty

Julie Guttmann

Jen Jester

Jennifer Konkol

Andi Webb

Jean McHenry

Barbara Gremaud

Certified Nurse Midwives Offering Homebirths

First Breath Birth & Wellness

Heart to Heart Homebirth

Certified Nurse Midwives Offering a Birth Center Option

First Breath Birth & Wellness

Mercy Birthing Center (located in Mercy Hospital)

Certified Nurse Midwives Offering Care in the Hospital

SLUCare Midwife Services

Kari Reiman

OBGYN Offering Hospital Birth

Dr. Brian Gosser

Dr. Jeffrey Mormol

Dr. Sandra Minchow-Proffitt (family doctor)

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