Services & Rates

Traditional Birth Doula Support ($1250)
This package includes tailored support during pregnancy and birth. I offer clients two prenatal visits (about 2 hours in length) that include birth plan formation as well as teaching you and your partner coping skills to help during labor. I also provide clients with extensive information on physical and mental preparation for pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. The information pertains to nutrition, exercises for optimal positioning including Spinning Babies, benefits of chiropractic care for mom and baby, techniques for stress relief, & referrals for the best resources for pregnancy and postpartum care. All of this information can be easily accessed through my client portal. My care also includes full support during labor and birth and one postpartum visit (about 2 hours in length) to help you process your birth and provide help on basic breastfeeding and newborn care as well as postpartum recovery and healing for yourself. 

My training includes:
  • DONA training (2015)
  • Rebozo training with Gena Kirby (2016)
  • Spinning Babies in-person training with Gail Tully (2017)
  • Mamaste Fit Birth Workers Education Course (started 2020)
  • Birth Monopoly Know Your Rights Course (2021)
  • And the experience gained from 7 years of doing doula work & supporting almost 200 births 

Birth Classes ($250 for Non-Clients, $150 for Clients)

My classes are 9-10 hours worth of prep work for birth. They are completely private, we meet at times that are convenient for you. This class is comprehensive & completely tailored to you. Topics that are covered are:

  • What birth could look & feel like, including when to know that it is veering from "normal"
  • Pain management techniques
  • Labor progression techniques, including Spinning Babies
  • How to navigate your birth environment & how to talk with your provider & the staff at your birth place
  • Birth interventions, including risks & benefits, & how to know when/if they are necessary
  • What to expect during the initial postpartum period including basic breastfeeding advice
These classes are approved by Mercy Birthing Center. It is a great option for those who need to take a birth class but have scheduling conflicts, making it hard to attend a scheduled class outside your home. Or also for families needing to complete a class very soon. 

If you are a client, these classes are integrated into our scheduled prenatal visits. If you are a client, you can expect for us to meet 3-4 times, instead of the regular 2 prenatal visits.  

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