Birth Class Information

 Intuitive Birth Prep Classes ($300 for Non-Clients, $200 for Clients)

This class is perfect for any family preparing for any type of birth. The classes are completely private & tailored towards your needs. I provide all participants with my electronic resources beforehand. They are conventionally located on a portal & can be accessed from any device. The materials are interactive, meaning you fill out the information before we meet to allow me to personalize your class experience. 

Because all classes are private, I make it easy & bring the class to your home! Although there is a remote option for the first two classes. I also can be flexible on class times, including Saturday options. 

You can expect to meet for a total of about 9-10 hours, over 3 seperate classes. If needed I can be flexible if you would like to have fewer, longer classes. This makes it a great option for families that may not have a lot of time for classes, who work overnight, or who are due soon.

The material covered includes:

  • Mentally Preparing for Birth
  • How to Use Your Intuition During Pregnancy & in your Birth Space
  • Physically Preparing for Birth, including Spinning Babies Exercises
  • How Labor Works
  • Stages of Labor
  • Birth Plan Preparation
  • The Choices You May Face in Labor
  • How to Navigate Your Provider & Hospital Staff
  • Labor Progression Techniques
  • Coping Techniques
  • Partner Support
My birth class is MBC approved. 

Christ Centered Birth Prep Classes ($300 for Non-Clients, $200 for Clients)

This class very much matches the description of the course listed above. But it is taught from a Christian perspective. I go through the unique way God touches your birth as well as provide resources, including scripture, that will help you prepare for a supernatural birth experience. 

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