Client Testimonials

Amanda 4/2019
“Steffanie is absolutely amazing. I was her first client with my daughter. I had a VBAC at Missouri Baptist. I then was her client again when I was a surrogate for a Family. Steffanie is very calmly and present. My labor was long and hard and every time she grabbed my hand while having a contraction, I felt my body relax. She massaged my back, offered different positions for me to try. She even held a bucket while I threw up. She was amazing support to me and I plan to use her again during my next surrogacy journey.

Julia 4/2019
“I used Steffanie Thomas as my doula in 2019 for my second child. Had I known about her services in 2014 when I had my son, I would have jumped at her services. My first birth did not go along with my birth plan and I had a very inexperienced doula who I felt could have backed me a little better. However, Steffanie has a wonderful quality and scope of care she is definitely a mother's advocate and an advocate for safe births. I would highly recommend Steffanie for all of your family planning. I would like to say that the weeks leading up to the birth are very calm and I was two weeks past my due date so I was induced. I only called Steffanie when I was in hard labor and she was extremely helpful and had all of the techniques to get the baby down and out ,so to speak, safely and calmly. I was calm and relaxed and comforted by her presence. I definitely appreciated her after care as well; staying with me until we were comfortable helping with nursing and making home visits really helped me feel calm when caring for my newborn. Wonderful absolutely wonderful.

Bea 2/2019
"I cannot recommend Steffanie highly enough. She is exceptionally thorough in providing excellent resources during the prenatal period so that you're able to prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically for birth. She has an incredible breadth of expertise on not just pregnancy/birth/ babies, but also healthy living and makes herself so available to answer questions about anything. Furthermore, you can count on her to be there as long as needed for the birth. She stayed with me for over 24 hours during a very difficult labor, supporting and encouraging me and my husband, actively working with me on different pain management strategies, providing back massages during contractions. Though I really wanted a natural birth and ended up with a caesarian due to circumstances beyond my control, I look back on it with pride because I fought as hard as I could and faced my fears with courage. I am thankful that Steffanie helped to equip and support me to do that!"

Brittany 8/2018
"My husband and I are so pleased with our decision to hire Steffanie! Steffanie was so caring and professional during our work with her. We saw her for two prenatal appointments, during which she helped us feel prepared for labor and delivery. When we found out that I was going to be induced, Steffanie checked-in with us frequently, offering her support whenever we wanted it. Steffanie came quickly when we asked her to, and was with us until about 2 hours after our baby girl was born. My husband, especially, was so grateful that Steffanie was there during labor and delivery and felt that he had support and a teammate during the process. Steffanie answered questions throughout and offered reassurance when the birth did not go as we planned. She did a great job of sharing a calming presence, offering resources, and anticipating our needs. We cannot recommend Steffanie enough!"

Sarah 3/2018
"As a first time mom I made a lot of preparations for our new baby. We poured over reviews of the best car seats, the most fitting doctor, choosing diapers and everything in between. The absolute best choice that I made during that time was enlisting Steffanie in the early weeks of my pregnancy. Steffanie helped my nervous husband and myself to be more confident and educated in the birth that we desired. She answered every single one of my questions during my pregnancy and followed up after the baby was born. My birth experience was not exactly the birth that I had imagined but Steffanie was there with us for 35+ hours plus several hours the week before during a failed induction. Without the calm, confident and educated support of Steffanie I certainly would have found myself feeling anxious and out of control. I can't even express how thankful I am for Steffanie's help and guidance. My husband's advice to his brothers following the long few days were spot on: "hire a doula." Thank you Steffanie"

Rebecca 11/2017
Steffanie is a wonderful lady to work with.  She is caring, empathetic, peaceful, understanding, and thoughtful just to name a few.  I was hesitant at first to hire a doula but once I met Steffanie i knew that she was a perfect match and having a doula was just what i needed.  She always went above and beyond for myself and my family to make my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum experience wonderful.
I could write more than 2000 characters about Steffanie, so I am sure I have missed something.  I can assure you that she is a great choice and will not leave you dissappointed at any point in your journey.
If you choose her package that includes food, you will not be upset, because her cooking is amazing and you'll have plenty to last!  She is very thoughtful when she cooks and takes all allergies, restrictions, or dislikes into consideration.  My very picky spouse even thought her food was amazing!  She has a wealth of knowledge from education and experience.  If she doesn't know the answer, she will find out for you in a timely manner. Her library that she makes available to her clients is wonderful.  I was provided with many great resources during and after my pregnancy. She is also very punctual.  She was at the hospital awaiting my arrival when i was in labor.  I didn't have to worry about if she would make it, when she would show up, etc.  When i arrived at the hospital she was already there waiting and prepared.  She encouraged me to speak up when my nurse tried to stray away from my birth plan.  She also provided many suggestions that in the moment i didn't think of."

Jess 10/2017
"When my husband and I interviewed Steffanie, we asked her why she’d chosen to become a doula. Her passion for this calling to help women access their own power during birth and to help families navigate unfamiliar medical environments was clear, and we knew we’d found our doula.Steffanie has a calm and grounding presence, and seemingly infinite patience — just the energy needed during labor and birth. She stuck with us for a whole day of laboring through unexpected twists and turns, first at our home in the wee hours of the morning, then at Mercy Birthing Center, and finally at the hospital. She didn’t leave us until we were settled into our recovery room for the night. Our baby was not in the optimal position for birth, and her suggestions for positioning, informed by recent Spinning Babies training, were spot on and helpful. Not only did we have complete confidence in Steffanie throughout, but our midwives clearly respected her professional opinion, and conferred with her on several occasions.Caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable, Steffanie is just the person to guide you on the path to new motherhood. I appreciated her periodic check-ins during late pregnancy and the postpartum period, as well as the sweet and unexpected “extras” — a jar of homemade elderberry syrup and a beautifully written account of our birth — that she offered. If/when we have another baby, we will call upon her services again without hesitation (though I expect that word will travel and her schedule will be quite full by then)!"

Emily 10/2017
"Steffanie Thomas is great! So glad she was able to be there for my first birth and will definitely hire her in the future. All her knowledge alone with particular items and the network she is a part of is worth having her as a doula. The support she offers is incredible. She definitely got my husband and I prepared with a birth plan and other items I wasn't prepared for. The evening of my labor she told me to let her know whenever I needed her at my house and she would be there and was. I believe that because of her help and support I was able to do most of my laboring in the comfort of my home. By her being there it allowed my husband to get a nap in and more pressure to be applied to my back when needed. It also gave us another perspective on things to help us not rush to the birthing center when it wasn't needed. It was also great that she wrote the birth story and took pictures of the birth as well. Even though she provided us with all the wonderful things in her package she is helpful in nature and went above and beyond when she did not have to. I was blessed to have her be apart of this time in our lives. Look forward to working with her in the future. "

Carrie 2/2017
"We had our baby yesterday, so I guess the fact that I'm writing this just a day later emphasizes how happy we were with her doula services. We were preparing for a natural water birth at a birth center, but ended up needing an emergency induction at 36+4 weeks. Steffanie was the glue that held us together, and comforted and motivated me day and night for over 30 hours as we faced complications and changing plans during the birth. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! She is prepared, positive, uplifting, personal, caring and a great professional. She truly has the heart of a servant and will focus on you and your support team, so that you can focus on the task at hand - having a healthy baby. You cannot go wrong with her!!"

Nicole 2/2016
"Steffanie is an amazing doula! I ended up getting induced early. She was an excellent advocate for my husband and I at the hospital. She stayed up with me all day and night (24 hours); she was very attentive to all my needs. She was able to visit me before and after the birth of my baby. She is also very knowledgeable of birth plans and other need to know information about pregnancy."

Amanda 12/2015
"Steffanie was an amazing addition to my Birth experience. She was my doula for my third baby, which was a VBAC. She really helped me through any fears I had since having a c-section prior.  She was there for me my entire pregnancy. She always helped answer any questions I had and if she didn't know the answer she researched it for me. She helped us have a smooth pregnancy & delivery. Steffanie never hesitated to help me when I sent her a message. She is absolutely wonderful and helped easy any worries of mine. I highly recommend her as a doula!"

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