Wednesday, March 15, 2023

How to Have a Christ Centered Birth


This picture is from a client's birth, in which her midwife prayed over her again & again. She asked groups to pray for her. The whole space was filled with God's word. There was so much love & protection in the room. If this is what you envision for your birth, please read on.

God is always with you whether you actively invite Him into your birth space. Although there are many ways to intentionally integrate your faith into your birth; it can help you feel at peace & cope better with what your birth demands of you. Below are ways that you can actively set up a Christ centered birth:

  • Hire a Christian birth team: Having like-minded people in your birth space can bring such peace of mind. Knowing that people share in your faith, that know how to help you with prayer, scripture, that can sing you worship songs, etc. can elevate your birth space to a whole other level. While it certainly is not necessary to have an entire Christian birth team, at least make sure they all know your wishes and feel comfortable in supporting you in these ways. 
  • Utilize the Christian Hypnobirthing app: This program is revolutionary when it comes to a Christ-centered birth. The app contains tracks for scripture, breathing exercises for labor, and Christian affirmations. The app does need to be purchased but it is so worth it! If you believe this would be a useful tool for you, I recommend starting it right away. Listen to it while trying to fall asleep at bedtime, it will train your body to recognize it, when you need to relax, which is such an important tool for labor. This app can create such an inspiring & relaxing birth space. 
  • If you are Catholic, the Made for This app, is amazing: This app also has an array of helpful tracks perfectly tailored for your faith. 
  • Write out verses on note cards & tape them up in your birth space: Affirmations & verses can be a powerful way to remind you that Christ is walking with you during your birth. You can use apps to make beautiful images that can be printed as photos. You can also purchase pre-made ones. Or simply write them out on note cards. I have even seen friends & family create beautiful, individualized ones together at a baby shower!
  • Organize prayer circles who can be contacted when you are in labor: While pregnant, you could reach out to family, friends, and church members to ask that they pray for you when you are in labor. You can organize them all into a FB messenger group or group text, that way everyone can be contacted at the same time. I have also known moms to send out packets at their showers, with prayer cards & candles, to be utilized by those praying for you. 
  • Play worship music during your birth: During pregnancy, organize a play list of your favorite songs. One client said she put together a mix of relaxing music for when she needed to rest & surrender to the process along with energizing music for times she needed the energy to go on. Make sure your birth team knows how to access your list.
  • Prepare by reading Christian birth books: This is a list of my absolute favorite books that I recommend to my clients.
  • Pray, Pray, PRAY!:As all Christians know, prayer is one of the most potent tools we have. Having people in your space who will continually pray for you can bring so much peace & power. 
  • Trust that God is with you, even if birth looks different than you thought: Birth requires strength & flexibility. It is a process that demands us to understand how little control we actually have. But birth is also an opportunity to feel God's presence & protection especially in times of uncertainty. Pray for the strength to deal with whatever birth throws your way; for the strength & knowledge to do what is necessary for the well-being of you & your baby. Pray for your team to have the expertise to support you in the unique way that you need. And pray that love & peace fill your birth space, no matter how your baby needs to enter this world. 
My hope is that you know how beautiful your birth can be and will be. That you trust that God is with you. That your team helps you create a space in which you relax & allow birth to happen, however it unfolds. And that you have a whole team of believers lifting you up in prayer. The birth of your baby will be one of the best days of your life & you will all be enveloped in perfect love & protection. 

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