Monday, January 16, 2023

My Top 10 Favorite Birth Books

There are many wonderful books available to help you prepare for birth. These are the ones that I highly recommend. They are listed in no particular order. If you buy them from the links provided, you help me financially, so it is greatly appreciated!

#1: The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Room, this book is such a comprehensive book. I reference it often in the resources I supply to my clients. It has everything from nutrition to breathing techniques. My favorite part is the back of the book, in which Aviva provides many natural solutions to common pregnancy ailments. To purchase, follow this link: The Natural Pregnancy Book

#2: In Your Own Time by Dr. Sara Wickham, this book is key for any expecting family. It talks extensively about non-medical inductions, which are way more prevalent than we are lead to believe. There are benefits for both mom & baby when we wait for labor to begin spontaneously. This book will provide research that you can take to your provider if you feel pushed into an induction. To purchase this book, follow this link: In Your Own Time

#3: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, this book is the epitome of mentally preparing for birth. It includes inspiring birth stories as well as other vital information. Follow this link to purchase: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

#4: Natural Hospital Birth by Cynthia Gabriel, if you plan on having a hospital birth you need this book! It helps you prepare not just for an unmedicated birth but also helps you navigate the intricacies of birthing in a medical system. To purchase this book, please follow this link: Natural Hospital Birth

#5: The Essential Homebirth Guide by Jane E. Dritcha, if you plan on having your baby at home, you need this book! It talks about mentally and physically welcoming your baby in the comforts of your own home. Use this link to purchase this book: The Essential Homebirth Guide

#6: Made for This Birth by Mary Haseltine, this beautiful book written for Catholic moms but will resonate with all Christian moms. It explains birth from a biblical perspective in a very poetic way as well a provide vital information on preparing for birth. To purchase this book please follow this link: Made for This Birth

#7: Pregnancy, Childbirth, & the Newborn by Penny Simkin, this book is SOOO comprehensive. It includes information on birth and beyond. Any expecting family should have this in their library! To purchase, please follow this link: Pregnancy, Childbirth, & the Newborn

#8: The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin, this book should be read by every expecting family. It truly helps prepare partners for what birth can bring and how to support the mom in labor. To purchase, please follow this link to purchase: The Birth Partner 

#9: Birthing from Within by Pam England, this book helps women prepare for the intensity that birth is. It really helps you prepare for the primal demands that birth can bring. And helps you understand art as a way to help process your thoughts on birth. To purchase, follow this link:Birthing from Within

#10: The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer, this book contains important information on considering all of the interventions that medicine has brought into the birth environment. To purchase, please follow this link: The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth

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