Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What to Expect from a Calm Birth Class

Calm Birth is a set of meditations tailored towards pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood. It helps instill a practice of breathing and mindfulness that will help expecting families deal with the stress that can accompany pregnancy as well as be in tune with the mind during labor, making sometimes for an easier birth and recovery period. All while instilling the amazing benefits of mindfulness for parents and baby.

Calm Birth is perfect for any expecting family: planned natural birth, planned medicated birth, planned cesarean birth, first birth, second, third, or fourth birth!

Here are some questions you may have about the class itself:

  • I have never meditated before, is this class for me? This class is for anyone, no matter if you have meditated before or not. I will provide pointers on how to include meditation practices and mindfulness into your daily routine. 
  • I cannot sit on the floor in the traditional meditation pose, is this class for me? While sitting in the traditional pose is the most beneficial pose for meditation, I will show you other ways to sit that may be more comfortable. Even if you sit in a chair, you will still receive the many benefits meditation offers.
  • I have already taken a childbirth class, will this be redundant? The Calm Birth class is not a childbirth education class. It is a compliment to traditional childbirth education.
  • I've already had a wonderful birth with my previous pregnancy, will I still get something out of this class? Calm Birth helps families prepare during pregnancy, helping them be mindful and recover quicker, no matter the type of birth. The tools can be used during any type of birth. And the practice stretches far beyond pregnancy and birth as Calm Birth offers tracks for the postpartum period. And studies have shown that children who are born to a mother who practiced meditation while pregnant, receive many benefits like healthier brain development and are more apt to continue mindful practices in their life.
  •  I have hired a midwife and/or doula, what can this class offer beyond what I am already receiving? Meditation and mindfulness is a tool that you can bring yourself. It will compliment all of the great care and support you are already going to receive.
If you have any questions not covered, please contact me directly at I would love to discuss this class with you.

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