Monday, March 13, 2017

Is Calm Birth Meditation for You?

Calm Birth is a meditation type for expecting families. I am so excited to be offering these classes in the very near future, in the St. Louis area. This will not be the typical Child Birth prep class. How do you know if it is right for your family? Calm Birth helps any expecting family as meditation helps ensure a healthy birth and baby brain development. It helps the family, as a whole, become closer and establish a meditation practice that will extend far beyond pregnancy and birth. But Calm Birth can really help the following families:

-You are expecting your first baby. Calm Birth is an amazing way to help mentally prepare for the unknowns of labor.

-You plan on having a baby in the very near future. Calm Birth helps establish mental and physical health that makes for a healthy pregnancy. And meditation helps in the positive visualization that can be helpful in becoming pregnant.

-You had a previous traumatic birth. Calm Birth helps with getting into a good place to start to identify the issues with your previous birth and possibly seek out the help you need to work through them. This way you can prepare for a well supported, respected birth. Calm Birth helps you get into a mental state to relax and prepare for the birth that you need.

-You are planning a medicated and/or Cesarean birth. Meditation in general helps the immune system and the body's ability to heal.

-You are experiencing a stressful pregnancy or time during pregnancy. Meditation helps in dealing with the regular stresses of pregnancy as well as any extraordinary stresses you may experience. This can help in alleviating or preventing any health issues for mom and baby that may be caused by extra stress.

-You experienced a mental block during your last birth. Mental blocks can impede labor and meditation helps get you into a good place for your next birth.

-You want a natural birth without medical interventions. Meditation can help you get into a good space to experience birth without pain medication and help ensure steady labor progression.

Calm Birth is a huge step to setting up a peaceful birth space no matter which type of birth you envision or need. Follow this link for more information on Calm Birth:

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