Thursday, April 9, 2020

Intuitive Birth Prep Classes: Coming to Jefferson County July 2020

I am a teacher at heart. I love to help guide others. Since becoming a doula I have felt this insane pull to teach more than I could provide at prenatal meetings. I have spent years searching for a curriculum that matched my views and when that fell short, I spent months creating my own curriculum.
This class has been a labor of love. I wanted to offer something unique. And I also wanted to offer it in an area that is lacking when it comes to out-of-hospital birth classes. I grew up and still live in Jefferson County, so I wanted to keep my classes there. It is my hope that this is a resource not just for Jefferson County but for those in neighboring counties who feel that they want to include me on their journey.

What Makes this Class Different?
This class is focused on YOU. It is rooted in delving into YOUR feelings, experiences, beliefs, concerns, and hopes about YOUR birth. It helps you truly understand the power of your own intuition and how to know when you are making decisions out of fear or from instinct. This class will help you understand how to truly prepare your body for pregnancy, birth, & beyond by understanding why it can be so hard to be pregnant and the habits we had long before pregnancy that could be hindering us. This class will help you understand how you think about birth, how those feelings could help or hinder the process, and if necessary how to restructure those thoughts and beliefs. There will be extensive training on how to physically & mentally cope with labor and how important a partner's support can be. The physical part will include training in Spinning Babies & other techniques that will help labor proceed smoothly or be a tool to use if you encounter stalls.
We will talk frankly about birth. My motto is: Birth is normal until it is not. For most it can be  normal, wonderful, and straight forward. For some, there may be small hiccups, big issues, or loss. This class is not rooted in glazing over the negative aspects surrounding birth. Instead we will talk about how if necessary you can use negative stories, experiences, and encounters to prepare yourself for this birth instead of letting them hinder you. Birth does not have to be fearless to be positive. This class is rooted in truly informed consent to help you make the best decision for you and your baby with all the knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired along the way. I help you understand why it is important to figure out your fears, how to process them in a healthy way, and how those fears can help you achieve a healthy pregnancy and birth.
One class will be devoted to the care provider options we have available in the area, how to formulate a birth plan that you can use as a tool to gauge if your care provider and birth space are the right fit for you, as well as interventions offered during any type of birth. As a doula who attends many home births, I will also provide resources for those who are preparing to birth at home.
I have invited other birth professionals into the space so they can share their knowledge. Each class will start off with a voluntary prenatal yoga class (extra cost) taught by a local yoga teacher. A CLC (certified lactation counselor) will be teaching the breastfeeding prep class. I have also invited a Webster-certified chiropractor to share information on why chiropractic care is so important in a healthy pregnancy and birth. Birth and motherhood need a village and it is important for me to bring my village into these classes and offer you access to as many resources as possible.
My care is rooted in physiological birth and holistic care. I know the benefits of natural movement, therefore this class will be centered on the floor. I advise all attendees to bring what they would need to feel comfortable: pillows, mats, exercise balls, bolsters, and blankets.
I see a lot of benefit in forming a community and real, honest relationships. This class will be focused on open conversation and sharing personal beliefs and ideas. To prepare, there will be a lot of things to think about, write about, or read outside of meeting times. To maintain the intimacy of the class, I will be limiting each class to 5 families.

Where Will it Be Held?
For the first session, it will be held at a quaint, in-home yoga studio that sits on a beautiful piece of property in High Ridge. The location is peaceful and away from the busyness of the city. It is my hopes that these classes are not just seen as informational but a retreat away from it all, where couples can truly relax. The purpose of my guidance is to show how amazing it can be to slow down and really savor pregnancy while listening to your body and give it the rest and relaxation that it needs. I want my class location to be an extension of my teaching.

Are There Perks?
If you have ever been a doula client of mine, you know I provide many physical resources so it is easy and accessible to prepare for birth. All attendees will receive the following:

  •  A rebozo (a traditional Mexican cloth that many women use during labor that can also be used to care for baby during postpartum)
  • A copy of Heart Centered Pregnancy Journal (this book will be a tool used in each class but can be a cherished way for you to prepare for birth as well as become a keepsake afterwards)
  • A digital copy of Spinning Babies Daily Essentials (this video has great exercises to help you stay healthy and comfortable during pregnancy)
  • Online access to my extensive resource library (this is all the material that I provide to doula clients, some of which we cannot cover in class or will be a good refresher once the class is over)
  • A $50 discount for my doula services (if you are already a client and decide to take the class, you will receive a $50 discount for the class)

What About Cost, Dates, & Times
The cost for each family will be $350. If you choose to partake in the prenatal yoga, that will be a minimal extra cost that will be paid direct to the yoga teacher. As far as the dates, the first session will start July 11. The classes will range from 6-7 weeks long (would depend on how much can be covered in each class and how full the class is). Each class should last around 2-3 hours with class time starting at 5:00 pm.

If you would like more details, please email me at

There will be a minimum to hold group classes. If the minimum is not met, I will arrange for private classes to be held in your home (although those classes will not include prenatal yoga).

It is my hope that all families that trust me to provide my knowledge surrounding birth feel prepared to birth the way that they know is best for them. In my 4.5 years of birth work, I have served many different types of families and witnessed many different types of births. I have cried with women when they lost their birth plans and I have celebrated with many when they rocked a birth that was truly theirs. The one thing I hope all my clients and class attendees take away from their birth is that they held the power all along, that they used their unique intellect and God-given intuition to make the choices that only they could make given their circumstances. Birth is a rite of passage, it creates mothers, fathers, new families, and new identities. I would be blessed to help you on your journey!

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